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  • Is silicone fire sealant essential for fire protection?

    2023-05-24 15:12:00
    Silicone fire sealant plays a crucial role in fire protection. It is a type of sealant that can resist high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire by sealing gaps and joints in buildings. Fire safety experts recommend using silicone fire sealant to protect structures from fire, as it is an important part of fire prevention and containment.
  • What to look for when choosing a silicone fire sealant for your project

    2023-05-20 16:23:47
    Choosing the right silicone fire sealant for your project can be a daunting task since there are so many options available on the market. However, there are several key factors that you should consider to ensure that you select the best silicone fire sealant for your specific application. Here are the top things to look for when choosing a silicone fire sealant
  • How to test if your silicone fire sealant is still effective

    2023-05-16 17:00:40
    Silicone fire sealant is a material that is used to fill gaps and cracks within buildings to prevent the spread of fires. It is a critical element of passive fire protection systems. Over a period, the sealant can lose its effectiveness and may need to be replaced. In this article, we will discuss the ways to test if your silicone fire sealant is still effective.
  • How does the branching structure of polyether amine affect its properties?

    2023-05-12 16:16:53
    Polyether amines are a class of polymeric compounds that have a wide range of applications, including in adhesives, coatings, and thermoplastic elastomers. They are characterized by the presence of ether linkages and primary amine groups, which make them highly reactive and versatile. One important aspect of their structure is their branching, which can have a significant impact on their properties.
  • Improving the adhesion strength of silicone coatings with polyether amine blends

    2023-05-08 15:23:04
    Silicone coatings are known for their excellent properties, such as high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and water repellency. However, they have traditionally struggled with poor adhesion strength to substrates such as metals and plastics. This has led to the development of various methods to improve adhesion of silicone coatings, such as using primers, surface treatments, and additives.
  • The applications and advancements in sizing agents with polyether amine

    2023-05-04 10:00:39
    Sizing agents are essential components of the textile industry as they ensure that the fibers used in textile production adhere to each other. Sizing agents improve the physical properties of textiles, including tear strength, abrasion resistance, and tensile strength. Recently, advancements have been made in sizing agents with polyether amine, which has resulted in improved properties such as better hydrophilicity, increased adhesion strength, and better dyeability. This paper discusses the applications and advancements in sizing agents with polyether amine.
  • How to watch corona free pi film for free?

    2023-04-28 16:18:16
    Public Domain Films: Many films come into the public domain after the copyright expires, which means they are no longer protected from unauthorized copying, distribution, or display. Films that are in the public domain can be freely accessed and watched on various websites, including YouTube and the Internet Archive.
  • The benefits of polyether amine for industrial applications

    2023-04-24 15:32:24
    Polyether amine, also known as polyetheramine or PEA, is a highly versatile class of compounds that find a wide range of industrial applications. They are typically used as curing agents, crosslinkers, and base materials in a variety of industrial processes, including adhesives, coatings, resins, and composites.
  • What is polyether amine and how does it work?

    2023-04-20 15:30:09
    Polyether amine is a category of amine functionalized polyethers that are widely used in various industries. These are typically used as curing agents for epoxy and polyurethane adhesives, paints and coatings, and as polyol components for polyurethane elastomers and foams. These amine functionalized polyethers are synthesized through the ring-opening polymerization of a cyclic ether such as ethylene oxide and propylene oxide.
  • What makes silicone rubber the ultimate choice for industrial applications?

    2023-04-16 09:32:23
    Silicone rubber is a highly versatile material that has numerous applications across various industries. This material has become the ultimate choice for industrial applications because of several advantages that it offers. In this article, we will be discussing what makes silicone rubber the ultimate choice for industrial applications.
  • Surfactants are classified in common ways

    2023-04-12 16:58:02
    In synthetic detergents, builders usually play the role of softening the water hardness and improving the pH of the washing liquid, and its dosage is generally large; the dosage of additives is small, which is customarily called "small material". Builders are mostly used in washing powder, and the amount added in liquid washing is very limited, unless it is a structured liquid washing. STPP (sodium tripolyphosphate) has comprehensive performance as a water softener and is an unparalleled builder. However, since STPP is a phosphorus-containing additive, it will aggravate the eutrophication of closed water bodies to a certain extent, so it cannot be used as a green detergent surfactant.
  • The role of the surfactant is to reduce the surface tension of the ink

    2023-04-08 10:15:30
    The effect of using a surfactant is to reduce the surface tension of the ink. High-quality printing can only be obtained when the contact angle between the ink drop and the paper is greater than 140, and the lower the surface tension of the ink, the larger the contact angle.
  • Precautions when polyetheramine is used in construction

    2023-04-04 10:14:49
    Containers for amino-terminated polyethers can be made of steel, aluminum, polyethylene or polypropylene. The storage temperature should not exceed 70°C. To prevent moisture absorption and oxidation, it is recommended that the container be filled with nitrogen. We generally pack them in clean, dry, sealed, leak-free galvanized iron drums. Avoid sunlight, rain and fire sources during storage. Not subject to storage regulations for flammable liquids, but should avoid entry into ground or surface water as it is not readily biodegradable.
  • What are the commonly used alkyl glycoside surfactants?

    2023-03-31 17:03:51
    Commonly used alkyl glycoside surfactants are mainly coupling agents, higher fatty acids and their salts, unsaturated organic acids and silicones. The coupling agent is a commonly used mineral surfactant.
  • Silicone rubber is also suitable for common electrical parts

    2023-03-27 09:42:28
    The full name of silicone rubber compound is methyl vinyl silicone rubber compound, which is a new type of environmentally friendly silicon material produced from methyl vinyl silicone rubber, white carbon black, silicone oil and other auxiliary materials.
  • Flame retardants are widely used in industrial fields

    2023-03-23 15:58:46
    Flame retardant, as the name suggests, is an additive used to prevent materials from being ignited and prevent the spread of fire. It is mainly designed for flame retardancy of polymer materials. Generally speaking, flame retardants mainly achieve flame retardant effects by absorbing heat, covering, and preventing suffocation of non-combustible gases. Materials treated with flame retardants can effectively prevent and delay the spread of flames when attacked by external fire sources.
  • Surfactants to increase the solubility of organic pollutants

    2023-03-19 09:47:32
    Biosurfactants are a class of biological compounds with surface activity produced by microorganisms. In addition to the physical and chemical properties of chemically synthesized surfactants, they also have the advantages of non-toxicity and high efficiency. Alternatives or upgrades to synthetic surfactants. This paper summarizes the research progress of biosurfactants in bioremediation of organic pollution in recent years, and looks forward to the development direction of this technology. This will lay the foundation for the research and application of this method in our country.
  • Surfactants enhance foam stability

    2023-03-15 16:50:06
    After surfactants form micelles in aqueous solution, they have the ability to significantly increase the solubility of insoluble or slightly water-soluble organic compounds, and the solution is transparent.
  • Adsorption of surfactant molecules at the gas-liquid interface

    2023-03-11 16:01:02
    Surfactant molecules are adsorbed at the gas-liquid interface. Figure 7 is a schematic diagram of surfactant molecules in the adsorption process. When the concentration is very dilute, the adsorption amount is small, the surface adsorbed molecules are less, and can lie flat on the gas-liquid interface; as the concentration increases, at medium concentrations, the orientation of surface adsorbed molecules on the solution surface has greater randomness
  • Surfactants are often used in industrial industries

    2023-03-07 11:28:14
    While surfactants bring great convenience to people's life and industrial and agricultural production, they also pollute our environment. This is a worldwide problem, especially in our country, which should be paid more attention to.
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