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    Amine-Terminated Polyether ED-900

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Amine-Terminated Polyether ED-900


Chenhua ED-900 Polyether amine is an aliphatic polyether diamine derived from a propylene oxide-capped polyethylene glycol. It is water soluble, with an approximate molecular weight of 900 and a melting point around room temperature. Polyether amines of this type are useful in a variety of polymers because of the hydrophilicity and flexibility imparted by the polyethylene glycol chain. In polyamides, for example, antistatic properties and moisture vapor transmission can be enhanced by incorporation of PEG-based polyether amines.

Physical Property

Appearance (60℃): Colorless to light yellow with slight haze

Color (Pt-Co): ≤75#

Primary amine, % of total amine: ≥95

Total amine, meq/g: 1.80-2.25

Water (%): ≤0.35


Modification of polyamides for enhanced hydrophilicity

Preparation of biocompatible articles and coatings

Preparation of hydrogels with isocyanates

Package, transportation and storage

1) 200kg/barrel with nitrogen or tank wagon

2) Storage: one year, out of light

3) Transportation: common chemicals

Application Areas

Amine-Terminated Polyether ED-900