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    Polyether Amine CAT-5000

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    2019-04-29 14:30:46

Polyether Amine CAT-5000



Chenhua T-5000 is a primary polyether triamine of approximately 5000 molecular weight. It is a clear, almost colorless, viscous, liquid product.

Physical properties

Appearance: Colorless to pale yellow with slight haze

Color (Pt-Co): ≤50#

Primary amine, %of total amine: ≥97

Total acetylatables,m mol/g: 0.58-0.63

Total amine,m mol/g: 0.50-0.54

Water (%): ≤0.25


A polyol replacement in polyurea RIM elastomers for automotive body parts, industrial RIM applications, spray elastomers, and coatings; an adhesion promoter in epoxy systems; and surfactant and corrosion inhibitor applications. Additional bulletins are available on the use of Chenhua T-5000 in polyurea RIM and in epoxy adhesive systems.

Package, transportation and storage

1) 200kg/barrel with nitrogen

2) Storage: one year, out of light

3) Transportation: common chemicals

Application Areas

Amine-Terminated Polyether