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    CH-840 Polyurethane Sealant

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CH-840 polyurethane adhesive sealant is a kind of one-component moisture type of polyurethane sealant, for a variety of materials have good adhesive sealing performance, not only has good elasticity, and aging resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and other advantages, and low temperature resistant, resistant to vibration fatigue performance particularly outstanding, used as a sealant, can reduce vibration and noise inside the car, and the surface can be painted.


Wide usage:

Ø Sealing for automobile welding, adhesive sealing for floor, air conditioner, etc.

Ø Adhesive seal for body plate joint.

Ø Other medium strength required sealing bonding.

Tips: Not suitable for glass bonding with vinyl.


Construction guide:

Ø CH-840 can be used manually at room temperature, and it is easy to be extruded by pneumatic glue gun;

Ø Before use, the surface should be cleaned to make it dry, free of oil, water and dust, etc. The rust surface should be derusted.

Ø Long-term exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light is prone to yellowing, but it has little effect on sealing performance. It is recommended to spray paint when used in appearance parts;

Ø The excess glue or contaminated parts can be wiped with ch-m1 or alcohol before curing;

Ø The construction environment is better at 10-40℃ and 65-70%RH.


Color and packaging:

Ø 310ml standard aluminium tube, 12 pieces/case;

Ø 400ml or 600ml in soft pack and 20 pieces/carton.


Storage period:

Ø Store in a dry environment below 25℃;

  Ø Shelf life: 9 months