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    CH-5900 Silicone Structural Sealant

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CH-5900 is a two-component, neutral, room temperature curing structural sealant, which is non-corrosive to metal, coated glass, concrete and marble (granite); it has excellent weather aging resistance, giving it a long service life; the product has excellent high and low temperature resistance after curing, with little change in the range of -40℃-150℃; good adhesion to most building materials and good compatibility with other neutral silicone adhesives; component A of this product is white, while component B is black. Mix A and B according to volume ratio of 10:1 or weight ratio of 12:1.


Main usage:

Ø Structural bonding: glass, stone (marble, granite), aluminum curtain wall and glass lighting roof, and structural bonding and sealing of metal structure engineering;

Ø Two adhesive seals of insulating glass;

Ø Other construction and industrial adhesive seals.



Ø For the construction method, please refer to "technical guide for the use of morning silicone structural sealant";

Ø In the outdoor high temperature environment, the base material surface temperature more than 40℃ is not suitable for construction;

Ø Conduct the compatibility test of bonding materials before use, and the construction can only be conducted after the qualification is confirmed;

Ø It is recommended to stir component B well before sizing.


Construction summary:

Ø Not applicable to all oozing grease, plasticizers, solvents or frosted, wet surfaces;

Ø It is not suitable to be used in places that are permanently wet or permanently wet;

Ø Component B can react with moisture in the air and cannot be exposed to the air for a long time.


Safety instructions:

Ø Uncured structural adhesives and structural adhesives will release active compounds during curing;

Ø Long-term inhalation of high concentration of volatile compounds will harm health. Therefore, good ventilation should be maintained in the workplace;

Ø The uncured structural adhesive should not be in direct contact with the skin for a long time. If it accidentally enters the eye, it should be immediately washed with plenty of water and checked by the doctor if necessary;

Ø After curing, the structural adhesive will not release harmful substances or cause damage to the skin;

Ø In case of accidental ingestion of structural glue, immediately seek medical treatment.


Color and packaging:

Ø Color: CH-5900 component A is white, component B is black, component A and component B are mixed with black.



Ø 200L metal drum (190L net) for A and 20L plastic drum (19L net) for B.


Storage period:

  Ø Store in a dry and ventilated place below 27℃