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    CH-515 Solar Photovoltaic Module Sealant

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    2019-12-12 14:25:55

CH-515 solar photovoltaic module sealant is a single-component, neutral curing, deoxime-type silicone sealant, which is specially used for the sealing of solar cell module frame, the bonding of solar cell junction box and the sealing of solar lamp.


It is characterized by absorbing moisture in the air at room temperature and solidifying into good elastomer, forming an effective bonding sealing material. Products through UL certification, SGS certification. Fully comply with the eu ROHS environmental directive requirements.


Product features: Single component room temperature curing, no solvent, safe and environmental protection, easy to operate, choose general glue gun construction; Neutral curing, non-corrosive, aluminum, glass, TPT/TPE backing, junction box plastic PPO/PA, engineering plastic and other substrate has good adhesion, play an effective sealing, waterproof, seismic role; Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance, electrical insulation performance, after 85℃, 85% of the aging test gel surface did not see obvious yellow, long service life; Excellent high and low temperature resistance, keeping rubber elastic in the range of -55 -- 250℃;Flame retardant performance up to UL94V - 0 class. Matters needing attention, not suitable for all the base material that can seep grease, plasticizer, solvent; It is not suitable for the construction on the surface of wet base material, and the colloid is soaked in water for a long time.


Construction guide:

Ø Should not be carried out in an environment lower than 4℃ and higher than 40℃, so as not to affect the construction quality.


Safety instructions:

Ø It completely non-toxic after curing, but before curing should avoid contact with eyes, if accidentally splash into the eyes, should immediately rinse with water and go to the hospital for treatment, the product should avoid contact with children;

Ø Tonstruction site should pay attention to ventilation, sealant in curing will release low molecular substances, so as to avoid the concentration of these substances is too high to produce adverse effects on the human body.

Packing, storage and transportation:

Ø 310ml plastic bottle;

Ø Ttore in a cool, dry and ventilated environment with the ambient temperature not exceeding 28℃;

Ø Thelf life: 9 months

Ø Transport by non-dangerous goods.

CH-515 Solar Photovoltaic Module Sealant