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    CH-2000 Mildew-Proof Silicone Sealant

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CH-2000 is a single-component, neutral, room temperature curing silicone sealant for construction, which is non-corrosive to materials; excellent anti-mildew performance, able to maintain good appearance and hygiene in dark and humid environment; excellent weather aging resistance; good adhesion to most building materials without bottom coating.


Main usage:

Ø Suitable for installation of various kitchen utensils and sanitary ware and waterproof and mildew-proof seal;

Ø Install and seal all kinds of Windows and doors;

Ø Caulking seals for glass, marble, aluminum plates, etc.



Ø Conduct the compatibility test of bonding materials before use, and confirm that the product and substrate can meet the construction requirements before construction;

Ø Materials in contact with flame retardant adhesive during construction shall be clean and dry;

Ø Cut the opening of the pipe and press the adhesive evenly into the interface, the flame retardant adhesive has good contact with both sides of the interface to ensure that the joints are filled.


Construction summary:

Ø Not suitable for structural bonding assembly;

Ø Not applicable to all oozing grease, plasticizers, solvents or frosted, wet surfaces;

Ø Not suitable for use in closed Spaces or on surfaces in direct contact with food or drinking water;

Ø The surface temperature of the substrate is less than 4℃ or more than 40℃;

Ø Materials containing copper or copper alloys shall not be bonded. 


Safety instructions:

Ø Silicone rubber construction site should pay attention to maintain a good ventilation environment;

Ø In case of eye contact with uncured adhesive, wash with plenty of water and seek medical help;

Ø The company only guarantees whether the products meet the quality requirements, and shall not be responsible for any accidental or improper use of the products.


Color and packaging:

Ø 300ml rigid plastic tube, color: transparent, white or other color required by the user.


Storage period:

Ø Store in a dry and ventilated place below 270℃;

  Ø Shelf life: 12 months


CH-2000 Mildew-Proof Silicone Sealant