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    CH-5800 Insulating Glass Sealant

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CH-5800 series has two components, the curing speed is adjustable, the depth curing is fast, suitable for the construction in the factory; central control glass sealant with high strength, high modulus and low permeability; neutral curing, non-corrosive to metal, coated glass, concrete, marble, granite and other building materials; excellent weather aging resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, ozone resistance and water resistance.


Excellent resistance to high and low temperature, after curing at the low temperature of -50℃ is still not brittle, hardening or cracking, at the high temperature of +150℃ will not be soft, degradation, always maintain good elasticity, pollution-free to the environment.

It is white for component A and black for component B. The component A/B is mixed according to volume ratio 10:1 (mass ratio 12:1), and the color is black after mixing.


Main usage:

Ø Used for insulating glass two-channel adhesive sealing;

Ø Other construction and industrial adhesive seals.



Ø In order to ensure that the insulating glass sealant has good adhesion, the surface of the glued material must be clean, dry and free of dirt;

Ø It is recommended to mix the components A and B well before sizing. Users can adjust the curing speed (volume ratio 8:1-12:1) by changing the mixing ratio according to actual needs;

Ø It can be used for automatic and manual production of insulating glass. It can be used with butyl sealant or independently.


Construction summary:

Ø Not applicable to all oozing grease, plasticizers, solvents or frosted, wet surfaces;

Ø Not suitable for structural assembly;

Ø It is not suitable to be used in places that are permanently wet or permanently wet;

Ø Component B can react with water in the air and cannot be exposed to the air for a long time.


Safety instructions:

Ø silicone rubber construction site should pay attention to maintain a good ventilation environment;

Ø in case of eye contact with uncured adhesive, wash with plenty of water and seek medical help.


Color and packaging:

Ø Component A of large group shall be packed in 200L metal drum (net content 190L), while component B shall be packed in 20L plastic drum (net capacity 19L);

Ø Medium group A is 20L plastic drum (net capacity 190L), while B is 2KG package.· 2.7kg package for group A and 250kg package for group B.


Storage period:

Ø Store in a dry and ventilated place below 27℃;

  Ø Shelf life: 12 months 

CH-5800 Insulating Glass Sealant