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    CH-860 Polyurethane Windshield Glass Sealant

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    2019-12-12 14:15:33

CH-860 polyurethane windshield glass glue is a kind of one-component moisture type of polyurethane sealant, adhesive sealing applicable to a variety of base material, especially suitable for vehicle window glass adhesive bonding and car plate, not only has good bonding strength and impact strength, and aging resistance, water resistance, oil resistance and other advantages, and low temperature resistant, resistant to vibration fatigue performance particularly outstanding, used in the assembly construction simple, car glass not only can improve the sealing of the vehicle and rigidity, reducing vibration and noise inside the car.


Ch-860 polyurethane windscreen glass adhesive seal has high curing speed, high strength and good thixotropy. After curing, a layer of adhesive strength with high strength and good elasticity is formed, which is suitable for production line application. It is the most ideal material for structural adhesive seal in automobile assembly.


Wide usage:

Ø Direct bonding of automobile windshield glass;

Ø Bonding of side window and rear window glass;

Ø Other medium strength required sealing bonding.

CH-860 Polyurethane Windshield Glass Sealant