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  • What are the commonly used alkyl glycoside surfactants?

    2023-03-31 17:03:51
    Commonly used alkyl glycoside surfactants are mainly coupling agents, higher fatty acids and their salts, unsaturated organic acids and silicones. The coupling agent is a commonly used mineral surfactant.
  • Silicone rubber is also suitable for common electrical parts

    2023-03-27 09:42:28
    The full name of silicone rubber compound is methyl vinyl silicone rubber compound, which is a new type of environmentally friendly silicon material produced from methyl vinyl silicone rubber, white carbon black, silicone oil and other auxiliary materials.
  • Flame retardants are widely used in industrial fields

    2023-03-23 15:58:46
    Flame retardant, as the name suggests, is an additive used to prevent materials from being ignited and prevent the spread of fire. It is mainly designed for flame retardancy of polymer materials. Generally speaking, flame retardants mainly achieve flame retardant effects by absorbing heat, covering, and preventing suffocation of non-combustible gases. Materials treated with flame retardants can effectively prevent and delay the spread of flames when attacked by external fire sources.
  • Surfactants to increase the solubility of organic pollutants

    2023-03-19 09:47:32
    Biosurfactants are a class of biological compounds with surface activity produced by microorganisms. In addition to the physical and chemical properties of chemically synthesized surfactants, they also have the advantages of non-toxicity and high efficiency. Alternatives or upgrades to synthetic surfactants. This paper summarizes the research progress of biosurfactants in bioremediation of organic pollution in recent years, and looks forward to the development direction of this technology. This will lay the foundation for the research and application of this method in our country.
  • Surfactants enhance foam stability

    2023-03-15 16:50:06
    After surfactants form micelles in aqueous solution, they have the ability to significantly increase the solubility of insoluble or slightly water-soluble organic compounds, and the solution is transparent.
  • Adsorption of surfactant molecules at the gas-liquid interface

    2023-03-11 16:01:02
    Surfactant molecules are adsorbed at the gas-liquid interface. Figure 7 is a schematic diagram of surfactant molecules in the adsorption process. When the concentration is very dilute, the adsorption amount is small, the surface adsorbed molecules are less, and can lie flat on the gas-liquid interface; as the concentration increases, at medium concentrations, the orientation of surface adsorbed molecules on the solution surface has greater randomness
  • Surfactants are often used in industrial industries

    2023-03-07 11:28:14
    While surfactants bring great convenience to people's life and industrial and agricultural production, they also pollute our environment. This is a worldwide problem, especially in our country, which should be paid more attention to.
  • Alkyl Glycosides Exhibit Good Lubricity

    2023-03-03 16:36:50
    Alkyl glycoside APG soil-free drilling fluid has less solid content and less submicron solid particles, which greatly relieves the solid phase from invading the formation and blocking the reservoir pore throat during drilling, and reduces the damage of solid to the reservoir.
  • Surfactants as important ingredients in cosmetics

    2023-02-27 16:34:31
    The steady growth of surfactants in the world provides a good external environment for the development and growth of the cosmetics industry, and the requirements for product structure, variety, performance and technology are also getting higher and higher.
  • Adsorption of surfactants on soiled and washed surfaces

    2023-02-23 16:57:06
    Adsorption of surfactants (from solution) on soiled and washed surfaces has a major impact on cleaning action. This effect is mainly due to the changes in various properties (such as mechanical properties, electrical properties and chemical properties) of the interface and surface due to adsorption.
  • Alkyl glycosides have excellent performance in stain removal

    2023-02-19 16:47:48
    The use of biosurfactants to remediate soils contaminated by hydrocarbons and crude oil is a new technology. For example, cascara produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa removed a large amount of oil from the Alaskan gravel. VanDyke et al. found that from contaminated sand and mud, the rhamnolipids produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa can increase the recovery of hydrocarbons by 25% to 70% and 40% to 80%, respectively. Similarly, treatment of sandy soils with biosurfactants produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa resulted in 56% and 73% recoveries of aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, respectively.
  • Flame retardant is the application of flame retardant technology in real life

    2023-02-16 17:15:59
    Flame retardant science and technology is a science developed to meet the needs of social safety in production and life, prevent fires, and protect people's lives and property.
  • Surfactant and water can form a film of certain strength

    2023-02-12 11:04:20
    The use of surfactants in the flotation of ore is to use the floating effect. Stir and blow air from the bottom of the pool, the bubbles with effective mineral powder gather on the surface, collect and defoam and concentrate, thus achieving the purpose of enrichment. The mud, sand and rocks without ore are left at the bottom of the pool and should be removed regularly.
  • Surfactants should be studied before being used in practice when selecting varieties

    2023-02-08 15:18:38
    The application of surfactants in aquatic pharmaceutical preparations can improve the appearance properties of the production process and the form of administration, such as stability, clarity, hardness, water solubility, disintegration, solubility, color and taste, etc. In actual application, it can improve the bioavailability of pharmaceutical preparations, but on the other hand, improper use of surfactants will interact with the ingredients in the drug prescription and cause physical and chemical changes (redox, catalytic hydrolysis), which will affect the pharmaceutical preparations The stability of the product, and even affect the curative effect, should be studied before being used in practice when selecting varieties.
  • The HLB value of the surfactant is between 0-40

    2023-02-04 17:12:05
    Emulsifier is a kind of surfactant. The function of surfactant is to emulsify, and there are others. The main functions of surfactant are: stain removal, emulsification, solubilization, suspension, foaming and defoaming, There are many kinds of surfactants such as sterilization.
  • We will participate in the PCHI exhibition, held on Feb.15-17, 2023, the China Import and Export Fair Complex,Guangzhou.

    2023-01-31 08:58:15
  • Biosurfactants have better environmental compatibility

    2023-01-11 16:31:59
    This paper summarizes the research progress of biosurfactants in bioremediation of organic pollution in recent years, and looks forward to the development direction of this technology. This will lay the foundation for the research and application of this method in our country.
  • Dilute solutions of surfactants follow the law of ideal solutions

    2023-01-07 09:05:01
    Oxygen-increasing principle of surfactants: Adding surfactants to aquaculture water can increase the saturation solubility of oxygen in aquaculture water. According to the hydrate formation theory and the double-membrane theory, since the solubility of oxygen in water is very small, water-oxygenate is generally first formed at the gas-liquid interface in water, and then slowly diffuses from the gas phase to the liquid phase.
  • Utilization of surfactants in pharmaceuticals for fluid enhancement

    2023-01-03 17:27:02
    Surfactants are often used in industrial industries, and most of them are used in the laundry and textile industries, but they cannot be used in all fine industries. All of our industrial industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, are also inseparable from the use of surfactants, and the paper industry is also a field of the fine industrial industry, and surfactants are also used in the paper industry.
  • Polyetheramines are highly adhesive

    2022-12-29 15:45:46
    The internal stress of concrete layout is very high, and no strong hard force layout can hinder its opening. The high strength and good adhesion of the grouting adhesive can hinder the continuous expansion of cracks, but new cracks will occur because of the necessary release of the internal stress of the concrete layout. In order to make up for this shortcoming, we need an elastic layout body to participate when we do the planning of cracking adhesive, so that the old gap has a buffer when it shortens and expands, so that it will not occur new cracks.
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