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  • The main role of environmental flame retardant in fire

    2022-08-10 16:58:54
    As we all know, environmental protection flame retardant is a kind of flame retardant. Environmental protection flame retardant is a composite material based on resin and rubber.
  • There are many kinds of flame retardants and they are widely used

    2022-08-08 16:26:45
    Flame retardant is an additive that can make the polymer not easy to ignite, and the fire makes it burn slowly. According to the classification of elements contained in flame retardants, they can be divided into organic and inorganic flame retardants.
  • Polyurethane chemical foaming agent cfa-a8 is based on sugar

    2022-08-05 16:10:22
    Polyether Polyols (hereinafter referred to as polyether) are prepared by polymerization of initiator (compounds containing active hydrogen groups) with ethylene oxide (EO), propylene oxide (PO), epoxy butane (Bo) in the presence of catalyst.
  • The contribution of flame retardants to fire safety cannot be underestimated

    2022-08-03 16:08:28
    The contribution of flame retardants to fire safety cannot be underestimated. Zhou Zhengmao said that studies in Europe, the United States and India have shown that flame retardants in upholstered furniture can slow down the spread of fire and provide valuable escape time for people.
  • Do you know that all kinds of surfactants have antistatic agents

    2022-08-01 17:07:02
    Static electricity will disperse the tow to produce wool and broken ends, and it is not easy to wind. Using the ionic properties and moisture absorption of antistatic agents can effectively prevent the accumulation of static electricity. At the same time, the adsorption and orientation of antistatic agents also help to eliminate static electricity.  
  • Most additives are non-ionic surfactants

    2022-07-29 15:53:16
    In the production of petroleum products, in order to improve and improve the performance of petroleum products, we must also add various additives, which can be divided into antioxidant, antiwear agent, detergent, dispersant, viscosity regulator, pour point depressant, rust inhibitor, fuel energy-saving agent, etc. according to their functions, most of them belong to non-ionic surfactants.
  • Effect of non-ionic surfactant concentration on cloud point

    2022-07-27 16:33:44
    Generally speaking, the cloud point of surfactant aqueous solution can indicate the ability of its hydrophilic group to form hydrogen bonds with water molecules. At the same concentration, the longer the EO chain of non-ionic surfactant, the higher the cloud point of its aqueous solution. This is mainly because the EO chain can form hydrogen bonds with water molecules.
  • The molecular weight of hydrophobic groups in surfactants is gradually improving

    2022-07-25 16:51:16
    Generally speaking, the dispersing ability of surfactants depends on the molecular weight and the characteristics of hydrophobic groups. Generally, hydrophobic surfactants with large molecular weight diffuse slowly to the particle surface, but they have strong adsorption ability and are not easy to transfer from the surface, which can provide long-term stability of pesticide formulations. Therefore, the molecular weight of hydrophobic groups in surfactants is gradually improving.
  • Alkyl glycosides can be used as crease proofing agents for cotton fabrics in textile industry

    2022-07-22 11:15:42
    Alkyl glucoside APG can be used as crease proofing agent for cotton cloth, powder dispersant for aqueous solution and dust proofing agent in textile industry. APG is suitable for refining, dyeing and other processing.
  • Different flame retardants should be developed in a balanced and coordinated manner to give play to their respective importance

    2022-07-20 17:18:51
    Whether the flame retardant is environmentally friendly is not determined by any organization or environmental label, but by the structure and performance of the flame retardant itself.
  • Basic principles of foaming, emulsifying and wetting of surfactants

    2022-07-18 10:21:21
    Surfactant can wash, emulsify, foam, wet, soak and disperse, and the amount of surfactant is small (generally a few percent to a few thousandths). It is easy to operate, non-toxic and non corrosive. It is an ideal chemical product, so it has important applications in production and scientific research. At the same concentration, the non-polar component of surfactant is large, and its surface activity is strong. That is, among homologues, the surface activity with more carbon atoms is greater. However, when the carbon chain is too long, it has no practical value because of its low solubility in water.
  • Most flame retardants achieve the purpose of flame retardation through the joint action of several mechanisms

    2022-07-15 15:56:44
    Flame retardants exert their flame retardancy through several mechanisms, such as endothermic effect, covering effect, inhibition of chain reaction, asphyxiation of non combustible gases, etc. Most flame retardants achieve the purpose of flame retardation through the joint action of several mechanisms.
  • There are two opposite characteristics in the molecular structure of surfactants

    2022-07-13 09:32:33
    Surfactant is a kind of soluble and concentrated on the surface of liquid or the interface between liquid and immiscible objects. Its molecules can adsorb two substances with different properties. Surfactants can be divided into oil soluble (such as oleic acid, petroleum acid, yellow flower petroleum acid, etc.) and water soluble (such as soap).
  • The main role of environmental flame retardant in fire

    2022-07-11 09:26:32
    Is it feasible to test the flame retardancy of flame retardants with lighters?
  • In recent years, it has developed rapidly in the flame retardant market at home and abroad

    2022-07-08 16:15:39
    Aluminum hydroxide flame retardant has the advantages of non-toxic, good stability, no toxic gas under high temperature, and can also reduce the amount of smoke when plastic is burning.
  • Common misunderstandings and solutions in the selection of printing and dyeing auxiliaries

    2022-07-06 09:33:35
    There are many misunderstandings in the selection of additives in most enterprises, mainly in the following four aspects.
  • Alkyl glycosides can be stored for a long time in a large temperature range

    2022-07-04 16:30:50
    Alkyl glycoside APG can be stored for a long time in a large temperature range. At the same time, it has the function of humidification, which fully meets the performance requirements of active components for cosmetics.
  • What are the five characteristics of blended silicone rubber

    2022-07-01 16:08:06
    Blended silicone rubber is a kind of synthetic rubber with excellent comprehensive performance, which can be widely used in aviation, cable, electronics, electrical appliances, chemical industry, instrumentation, cement, automobile, construction, food processing, medical devices and other industries, as well as for molding, extrusion and other mechanical deep processing.
  • What causes the irritation of surfactant to mucous membrane

    2022-06-29 11:09:28
    The gentleness of surfactants to human skin, eyes and hair, especially to skin and eyes, is a concept that is difficult to define. Up to now, there is still no unified standard.
  • What are the applications of surfactants in sugar factories?

    2022-06-27 08:56:30
    A. Sucrose fatty acid ester defoamer sucrose fatty acid ester is an internationally recognized food additive with good safety. It can be used as food emulsifier and sugar cooking assistant. Several domestic enterprises have produced such products.
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