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  • Surfactant has great influence on cleaning process

    2020-06-01 09:35:35
    Surfactants are special structural molecules with hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, so they have a series of application functions, and are widely used in various fields of plastic industry as auxiliaries.
  • PP special environmental protection flame retardant is different from halogen flame retardant

    2020-05-30 09:33:35
    Flame retardant is a kind of functional assistant which can give flame retardancy to flammable polymer. It is mainly designed for flame retardancy of polymer materials. There are many types of flame retardants, which can be divided into additive flame retardant and reactive flame retardant according to the use method. At present, the additive flame retardants mainly include organic flame retardants and inorganic flame retardants, halogen flame retardants (organic chloride and organic bromide) and non halogen flame retardants.
  • Alkyl glycosides are mainly used to study the improvement of catalysts

    2020-05-28 10:30:15
    The conversion method is also called two-step method. Firstly, low-carbon glucoside is formed by the reaction of glucose and low-carbon alcohol, and then high-carbon glucoside is formed by the alcohol exchange reaction of low-carbon glucoside and high-carbon alcohol. This method solves the problem of the solubility of glucose and high-carbon alcohol between raw materials, makes the synthesis easier to realize, and overcomes the disadvantage of producing caramel in the process of direct glycoside, but the process is complex, and the transformation of low-carbon glycoside and high-carbon glycoside is not complete generally.
  • The surfactant containing ammonium group has strong bactericidal ability

    2020-05-26 10:29:17
    Silicon containing surfactant is a new type of surfactant developed with the development of new silicone materials. It not only has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, weather aging resistance, non-toxic, non corrosive and high physiological inertia, but also has excellent performance of reducing surface tension. It is a special surfactant next to fluorine-containing surfactant. In the textile industry, silicon-containing surfactants give textiles soft, smooth feel, anti-bacterial, anti-static, hydrophilic, waterproof and other special functions.
  • Influence factors of different process conditions on the yield of alkyl glycosides

    2020-05-24 10:27:43
    With the increasingly prominent environmental problems of chemical surfactants, the application of biosurfactants has attracted more and more attention. In the late 1980s, the development of biosurfactants using bioengineering technology has become a new topic in the field of international bioengineering. In the past 20 years, with the rapid development of modern biotechnology and the application of biosurfactants in oil exploitation, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, food processing and other fields, people have a strong interest in using this technology in the industrial field. The enhancement of global environmental awareness has further promoted the trend of biosurfactants replacing chemical surfactants.
  • Surfactants play an important role in the successful completion of dyeing

    2020-05-22 15:09:51
    In acid bath dyeing, amino groups of silk can absorb acid, neutral, direct dyes and anionic surfactants with negative charges. At this time, anionic surfactants and dyes compete for dye bases according to their affinity. When anionic surfactants have a larger affinity, the rate of dye adsorbed by fibers slows down, which reduces the dye uptake rate of anionic dyes.
  • Silicone structural adhesives can be used in a wide range of climatic conditions

    2020-05-20 09:13:33
    The removal of silicone structural adhesive should be different from that of edible and non edible utensils. A good way is to remove it by physical methods. Use steel wire balls, knives and water sandpaper. For thick and much local areas, use a knife to scrape, then use steel wire balls to scrape, and finally use sandpaper to polish. Pay attention to avoid that the utensils that are crossed should be careful to prevent the glass glue from falling off, The removal of all-purpose glue stains, clothes infected with all-purpose glue stains, can use acetone or banana water drop on the glue stains, to use a brush to repeatedly wash, after the glue stains become soft and take off from the fabric, then rinse with water. If it can't be done at one time, it can be rinsed several times and finally cleaned. Do not use this method for fabrics containing acetate to prevent damage to the fabric.
  • Polyether amine technology should have the required hardness after the reaction with resin

    2020-05-18 10:50:45
    Polyether amine can be used as curing agent, mainly to play a good viscosity, so in the field of application is relatively broad, it generally contains the primary amine connected to one end of the main chain of polyether. The main chain generally has the mixed structure of EO, PO or EO / PO, so it is named "polyether amine". One of the purposes is to use it as curing agent of epoxy jewelry adhesive. Why choose it as curing agent?
  • Alkyl glycosides have good wettability in use

    2020-05-16 10:49:09
    Alkyl polyglucoside (APG) is a new kind of green, mild and non-toxic non-ionic surfactant which has been developed in the world since 1990s. APG has excellent properties, low surface tension, strong detergency, rich foam, fine and stable, no irritation to human skin, complete biodegradation, no pollution to the environment, and many characteristics of non-ionic and anionic surfactants. It is compounded with most surfactants, which can enhance the efficiency of other surfactants, especially in the aspect of ecological safety. Therefore, it is called "green surfactant".
  • Polyether amine technology should have the required hardness after the reaction with resin

    2020-05-14 10:19:15
    Polyether amine can be used as curing agent, mainly to play a good viscosity, so in the field of application is relatively broad, it generally contains the primary amine connected to one end of the main chain of polyether. The main chain generally has the mixed structure of EO, PO or EO / PO, so it is named "polyether amine". One of the purposes is to use it as curing agent of epoxy jewelry adhesive. Why choose it as curing agent?
  • Report on the influence of surfactants on dissolved oxygen in water

    2020-05-12 16:25:42
    Hydrophilic (oleophobic) hydrocarbon group surfactants are generally used in aquatic products. When the surfactant molecules enter the aqueous solution, the oleophobic group of the surfactant tends to escape from the aqueous phase in order to reduce the contact with the water as much as possible. However, due to the existence of the hydrophilic group in the surfactant molecules, it cannot escape from the aqueous phase completely. The result of the equilibrium is that the surfactant molecules in the solution It is enriched on the surface, that is, the lipophilic group is toward the air, and the hydrophilic group is inserted into the water phase, so the interface formed by the original water and air is gradually replaced by the interface formed by the lipophilic group and air of the surfactant, the surface tension of water is reduced, and the air is more likely to enter the water body.   
  • Different functions and requirements of surfactants in fermentation production

    2020-05-10 09:09:43
    Surfactant is a main component of detergent decontamination formula. Except for special use, these products are discharged into the environment directly or after being treated by sewage treatment plant. However, the anionic surfactants which are difficult to be biodegraded are the most important in detergents. The massive discharge of surfactant containing wastewater will not only directly harm the aquatic environment, kill the microorganisms in the environment, inhibit the degradation of other toxic substances, but also lead to the reduction of dissolved oxygen in the water, especially the nitrogen and phosphorus containing surfactants will cause eutrophication of the water. When the surfactant in the sewage reaches a certain concentration, it will affect many processes, such as aeration, sedimentation, sludge nitrification and so on.
  • Neutral sealant must choose the real mould proof adhesive

    2020-05-08 16:12:32
    Sealant is widely used. Many people don't understand the problems of its use. The following advanced acid sealant manufacturers will share the key points for you:
  • The current flame retardant masterbatch has become an effective substitute for flame retardant powder

    2020-05-06 11:20:03
    In general, the dispersion, fluidity, compatibility with resin, thermal stability and weatherability of the flame retardant masterbatch are much better than those of the ordinary flame retardant, and the formula of the flame retardant masterbatch is flame retardant.
  • What are the ways to modify flammable materials into flame retardant materials?

    2020-04-29 10:41:02
    With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, polymer materials, especially synthetic polymers, such as plastics and rubber, are becoming more and more important in people's lives, and their applications are expanding year by year. However, most organic polymer materials have different flammability characteristics in air. In order to realize its application in military, aerospace, transportation, electric power and civil fields, flame retardant modification has become a new topic.
  • PP plastic flame retardant is made of imported materials

    2020-04-27 11:32:59
    Flame retardant masterbatch (bromine / halogen system) is also called flame retardant masterbatch, which is one of the flame retardant products with excellent performance in plastics, rubber and other resins. Flame retardant masterbatch (masterbatch) is a kind of granular product made by organic combination,
  • What is the difference between the processing cost of flame retardant masterbatch and flame retardant?

    2020-04-25 11:29:37
    Flame retardant and flame retardant masterbatch are the best in flame retardant material industry. Flame retardant masterbatch is the processing cost of flame retardant, so what's the difference between them? Let's get to know each other.
  • Surfactants are widely used in the preparation of civil detergents

    2020-04-23 10:51:48
    Nonionic surfactant. It is mainly used as emulsifier for emulsion, cream and shampoo cosmetics. It has excellent water solubility and can be used to produce oil in water emulsion. It can also be used as antistatic agent. As a hydrophilic emulsifier, it can enhance the solubility of some substances in water, and can be used as an emulsifier for making O/W emulsion. It has good properties of emulsification, decontamination and cleaning. It is widely used in the preparation of civil detergents, industrial emulsifiers and metal cleaners. A kind of
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