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    CH-791 Neutral Silicone Weather Resistant Sealant

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CH-791 is a single-component, neutral, room temperature curing silicone weather resistant sealant, easy to use, with good extruding type and thixotropy in the temperature range of 4-40℃; strong adhesion, no corrosion, good adhesion with most building materials; after curing, the product forms a cold-resistant, heat-resistant and non-corrosive elastomer, which has excellent weather resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance, ozone resistance and high and low temperature resistance, and no pollution to the environment; good compatibility with other silicone gels.


Main usage:

Ø Joint bonding and waterproof sealing between all kinds of glass, aluminum plate, plastic steel and other materials;

Ø Installation and sealing of various doors and Windows.



Ø Conduct the compatibility test of bonding material before use to confirm that the product and the base material can meet the construction requirements;

Ø Materials in contact with weather resistant adhesive during construction shall be clean and dry;

Ø Cut the pass and press the glue gun evenly into the interface, so that the weather-resistant adhesive can make good contact with both sides of the interface to ensure the joint is filled.


Construction summary:

Ø Cannot be used for structural bonding assembly;

Ø Not applicable to all oozing grease, plasticizers, solvents or frosted, wet surfaces;

Ø Not suitable for use in closed Spaces or on surfaces in direct contact with food or drinking water;

Ø The surface temperature of the substrate is less than 4℃ or more than 40℃;

Ø Materials containing copper or copper alloys shall not be bonded.


Safety instructions:

Ø Silicone rubber construction site should pay attention to maintain a good ventilation environment;

Ø In case of eye contact with uncured adhesive, wash with plenty of water and seek medical help;

Ø The company only guarantees whether the products meet the quality requirements, and shall not be responsible for any accidental or improper use of the products.


Color and packaging:

Ø 500ml composite film in soft bag, 300ml plastic pipe in rigid tube.


Storage period:

Ø Store in a dry and ventilated place below 27℃;

  Ø Shelf life: 9 months

CH-791 Neutral Silicone Weather Resistant Sealant

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