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    Flame Retardant DEEP

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Flame Retardant DEEP Technical Index

Appearance: Colorless to yellowish transparent liquid

Content (%): ≥98.5

Acid content (mgKOH/g): ≤1.00

Water content (%): ≤0.10

Density (25℃): 1.020-1.030

Phosphorus Content (%): 18.6

Viscosity (mPa.s/25℃): 1.5

Performance and Purpose

Flame retardant DEEP is a new highly efficient organic phosphorous flame retardant, it can be widely added in a variety of rigid polyurethane foam, including rigid foam recipe in all kinds of foam system. Its flame retardant efficiency is 1.5-2times of TCPP. DEEP is low viscosity, halogen-free, the chemical stability is very good in the polyether amine diverse alcohols and isocyanate two-component system. At the same time, it is with efficiently reduced viscosity, improve water foaming hard bubble and the operation in rigid polyurethane foam system. The dosage of DEEP can be as 20-25, accord with flame retardant standard B1 and B2.

Flame Retardant DEEP

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