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  • The role of surfactants in synthetic detergents

    2021-06-17 16:29:14
    Surfactant will produce a lot of acid mist in acid pickling, which not only affects the health of workers, but also pollutes the environment. At the same time, it will corrode the plant and equipment. In order to improve the rust removal effect of acid pickling and prevent acid over corrosion, adding surfactant into sulfuric acid or nitric acid in acid pickling can inhibit acid mist, speed up acid pickling and prevent over corrosion. Formula: hydrochloric acid 1 ~ 10% nitric acid 1 ~ 8% kingly phenolic acid polyoxyethylene 0.1 ~ 20%.
  • Polyether amine can improve the performance and quality of fuel oil

    2021-06-15 11:15:43
    From the perspective of actual use effect, the fuel additive containing polyether amine (PEA) does have a good carbon removal effect, but it is just a gimmick for the promotion of fuel saving and power improvement. These effects can hardly be detected in the actual use process, unless your engine has too serious carbon deposition, it just helps you recover to the normal level.
  • Make use of the function of surfactant to increase liquid in medicament

    2021-06-11 10:23:32
    Surfactant is often used in the industrial industry, for the use of surfactant, most of them are used in the washing and textile industry, for all the fine industry, can not leave the use of surfactant. All our industries, including the pharmaceutical industry, are also inseparable from the use of surfactants. In addition, the paper industry is also a field of fine industry. In the paper industry, surfactants are also widely used.
  • The difference of lipophilic structure of surfactants is small

    2021-06-10 16:50:27
    The oil-related structure of surfactants is different from that of long chain hydrocarbons, and the following structures are expanded:
  • Some precautions to be known when purchasing polyether amine

    2021-06-07 16:07:05
    When polyether amine is in production or transportation and storage, the operation requirements of each step should be accurate, and do not be careless. Then, the above knowledge on chemical safety technology is expected to help you.
  • Surfactants have been paid more and more attention all over the world

    2021-06-04 16:01:39
    In recent years, the development and use of environmentally friendly surfactants has been paid more and more attention by the world for the needs of environmental protection and biological safety.
  • How to ensure the product quality when using polyether amine

    2021-06-02 09:15:53
    When using polyether amine, we need to pay special attention to ensure the quality of the product, ensure its purity, and not be mixed by other substances. Therefore, when we use this kind of curing agent, we must pay attention to the following matters, so that we can better ensure the use effect of the product.
  • Today's washing liquid is basically mixed with a variety of surfactants

    2021-05-31 11:21:09
    Amino acid surfactants show good biodegradability, biocompatibility and high safety. They can be decomposed into fatty acids and amino acids by enzymes in human body. The results showed that sodium N-acyl amino acid had less irritation and higher safety than sodium dodecyl sulfate.
  • Flame retardants play an irreplaceable role in specific fields

    2021-05-28 16:14:06
    There are many kinds of flame retardants. According to the classification of chemical elements, they can be divided into halogen-free flame retardants and halogen-free flame retardants. Halogenated flame retardants include brominated or chlorinated flame retardants, in which organic brominated flame retardants are the main ones; Halogen free flame retardants include phosphorus, phosphorus nitrogen, inorganic metal hydroxide, boron, silicon and molybdenum.
  • Alkyl glycosides are used in laundry detergents to produce rich and delicate foam.

    2021-05-26 16:27:08
    Alkyl polyglycosides are white powder, the actual product is cream or light yellow, it has no obvious melting point. It is soluble in water 'ethylene glycol' pyridine, but insoluble in general organic solvents. The solubility in water decreases with the increase of alkyl chain length and increases with the increase of degree of polymerization.
  • Application principle of surfactant in water based metal cleaning agent

    2021-05-24 09:01:33
    The application principle of surfactant in water-based metal cleaning agent is to weaken or offset the adhesion of oil on metal surface by the properties of wetting, permeation, emulsification, dispersion and solubilization of surfactant. The oil is emulsified into the washing solution by mechanical and physical methods, and then it is suspended or solubilized in micelles.
  • Emulsification and foaming of alkylglycosides

    2021-05-21 16:01:59
    Alkyl glucosides have the advantages of ordinary nonionic and anionic surfactants: high surface activity, high viscosity, rich foam, fine and stable. The results showed that the combination with other surfactants had obvious synergistic effect; It has strong dispersing ability to calcium soap, and can be used in hard water; The stimulation to epidermis, mucosa and living cells is very low; It is easy to be biodegraded in natural environment and less pollution. APG is made from starch or hydrolyzed sugar and fatty alcohol. Its raw material is very wide, and more and more attention has been paid to APG in recent years.
  • At night, surfactant has obvious effect on increasing dissolved oxygen in water

    2021-05-19 16:07:25
    The solubilization of surfactant makes oxygen molecules supersaturated in water solution, which is equivalent to increasing the saturation solubility of oxygen in water. The saturated solubility of oxygen in aquaculture water is not more than 9mg / L. when surfactant is added to the aquaculture water, the saturation solubility of oxygen in the aquaculture water can be increased.
  • The importance of alkyl polyglycosides in cosmetics industry

    2021-05-17 16:58:12
    Alkyl polyglycosides in the cosmetics industry, solvent mainly used in cosmetics, hair oil, hair and other products. Due to the differences in structure and polarity of oily components in cosmetics, the mechanism of solubilization is also different.
  • The dilute solution of surfactant obeys the law of ideal solution

    2021-05-14 16:23:50
    The dilute solution of surfactant obeys the law of ideal solution. The adsorption capacity of surfactants on the surface of the solution increases with the increase of the concentration of the solution. When the concentration reaches or exceeds a certain value, the adsorption amount will no longer increase. These excess surfactants molecules are disordered or exist in a regular way. Both practice and theory show that they form a connective complex in a solution, which is called micelles.
  • Surfactants are usually not compatible with anionic surfactants

    2021-05-12 17:04:26
    With the maturity of the market, printing and dyeing auxiliaries are also mature, and the high-quality auxiliaries of various manufacturers are gradually recognized by the industry. We are glad to see that more and more printing and dyeing enterprises begin to choose qualified suppliers, and more and more auxiliary manufacturers are moving towards the market on the basis of qualification.
  • Effect of surfactant on environmental quality standard

    2021-05-10 15:09:54
    "Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment technology policy" is formulated based on long-term engineering practice and the evolution of textile printing and dyeing wastewater quality. The key point is that the concentration of printing and dyeing wastewater is not very high, so the first stage of anaerobic process, namely anaerobic hydrolysis and aerobic biological treatment process, is adopted.
  • The variety of surfactants is unlimited. How to develop and utilize them

    2021-05-08 17:09:16
    Surfactants have been widely used in synthetic fiber oil industry, and will be widely used with new varieties and continuous improvement of performance. But we should also see that there are many problems in the domestic practical application, such as the instability of product quality brings difficulties in oil agent deployment and unstable quality of oil agent; The monotony of surfactant makes it difficult to select the oil blending agent.
  • The combination of surfactants has synergistic effect

    2021-05-06 10:10:44
    Surfactant can reduce the interfacial tension and make the wetting angle θ Near zero, the solid powder can be dispersed spontaneously in surfactant solution. Meanwhile, surfactant can help liquid wet the inner surface of solid, make liquid penetrate into the channel and void between the particles' internal aggregates, provide certain pressure, and under the action of mechanical force, the reinforcement bond force of particle aggregation will be destroyed. At the same time, surfactant can help grind, reduce the surface energy of particles, prevent the surface of damaged surface from bonding, and thus achieve the purpose of preventing particle aggregation.
  • A kind of fabric flame retardant with development prospect

    2021-04-29 16:06:04
    Phosphorus fabric flame retardant is a kind of flame retardant with rich resources, low wood forming and wide application. It has the advantages of colorless, transparent, high efficiency, low toxicity, wide use and low cost. It can be used in PU foam plastics, UP, EP and other fields. Due to its dual functions of flame retardant and plasticizing, the fire retardant of phosphorus based fabrics has been paid attention to, including phosphate, halophosphate, compound phosphate and its derivatives, polyphosphate and red phosphorus.
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