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  • The surface tension of degreasing solution containing surfactant is very low

    2021-01-15 17:15:42
    The surface tension of the degreasing solution containing surfactant is very low and the interfacial energy is small, so when the air is mixed into the solution, the surfactant molecules are adsorbed on the gas-liquid interface in a certain order, so that the formed bubbles have a certain viscosity and tend to be stable. A large number of bubbles only form thin bubbles separated by thin liquid film and form bubbles. Oil pollution plays an important role in degreasing. However, if the bubble is too much, the cleaning machine will emerge. Not only will it pollute the site, but also cause the loss of degreasing fluid, the liquid level will decrease, and the liquid level will decrease and the foam will be too much. Therefore, foam content must be controlled.
  • Halogen free flame retardant is widely used in advanced plastics

    2021-01-13 17:02:59
    Halogen free environmental flame retardant is widely used in high-grade plastic PP PE EVA AB long rubber, wire and cable materials, TV cabinet circuit board, various electrical plastic parts, mining conveyor belt, air duct, plastic mesh belt, plastic damper, plastic pipe, plastic anchor rod, plastic belt roller and other plastic products.
  • Flame retardant is widely used in electronic instrument and automobile industry

    2021-01-11 11:37:12
    Flame retardant PET is used as flame retardant fiber and fabric. There are usually two methods: one is to use hexabromocyclododecane for flame retardant post-treatment of PET fabric. This kind of fabric can be used as curtain, curtain, wallcovering and other interior decoration cloth. Due to the finishing method, the flame retardant is easy to seep out, and the handle and flame retardant durability of the fabric will be inferior.
  • Flame retardant wood treated with flame retardant was selected as keel support

    2021-01-08 16:03:24
    Decoration should consider the main fire parts are ceiling, wall, floor, fixed furniture, etc. When many owners install the ceiling, they will choose the wooden keel as the bracket. In order to ensure the safety of the home, they must choose the flame retardant wood treated by flame retardant to do the keel bracket, so as to become the ceiling with fire resistance.
  • The solubilization of oil by surfactant micelles greatly improves the washing effect

    2021-01-06 16:53:36
    The solubilization of oil by surfactant micelles may be an important mechanism for removing a small amount of liquid fouling from solid surfaces. Due to their different properties, various organic substances insoluble in water are added to different parts of micelles to form transparent and stable solutions. The non-polar oil is dissolved in the non-polar core of the micelle, while the polar oil is dissolved in the polar group region of the micelle shell according to its polar size and molecular structure, or the polar group of the oil molecule is anchored on the surface of the micelle, while the non-polar hydrocarbon chain is inserted into the core of the micelle. Therefore, the solubilization effect of removing oil stains is actually that oil stains are dissolved in the washing solution, making it impossible for oil stains to deposit on the surface of objects, greatly improving the washing effect.
  • Remediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons contaminated soil by surfactants

    2021-01-04 09:25:59
    New gemini surfactants and biosurfactants are widely concerned because of their high efficiency and environmental friendliness. The solubilization efficiency of Gemini surfactants and biosurfactants is higher than that of traditional surfactants.
  • The adhesive sealant has no heat effect and deformation on the parts

    2020-12-30 16:16:52
    The adhesive sealant has the advantages of high strength, peeling resistance, impact resistance and simple construction process. It is used for bonding metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber, wood and other same materials or different materials. It can partly replace welding, riveting, bolt connection and other traditional connection forms. The stress distribution of the joint surface is uniform, and there is no thermal effect and deformation on the parts.
  • The multi-functional sealant can prevent the leakage of the medium inside the appliance

    2020-12-28 16:15:09
    In fact, multifunctional sealant is based on the adhesive to make some changes in the performance of the adhesive, and form the adhesive to adapt to the sealing of electronic parts. But the sealant and the ordinary adhesive are different, has own specific function, after curing may form the special property, this is the adhesive cannot achieve. So, how about the adhesive properties of sealant? How is the sealing?
  • The main function of silicone sealant is to seal the joints between plates

    2020-12-25 16:12:49
    Silicone structural sealant is a kind of one component, neutral curing, specially designed for the bonding and assembly of glass structure in building curtain wall. It can be used easily in a wide range of temperature conditions. It depends on the moisture in the air to solidify into excellent, durable, high modulus and high elasticity silicone rubber. The product does not need primer on glass, which can produce superior adhesion.
  • Surfactants have special adsorption properties and can significantly reduce the surface tension of solvents

    2020-12-23 16:44:48
    Surfactants are amphiphilic substances which can significantly reduce the surface tension of solvents and have special adsorption properties. It has a strong adsorption performance and a series of properties such as emulsification, lubrication, penetration, dispersion, solubilization, foaming, defoaming and washing. It is an important chemical additive in the development of all walks of life. Its advantages are small consumption and large harvest.
  • The surfactant is basically unchanged in the reaction process and can be reused

    2020-12-21 11:40:20
    The surfactant is basically unchanged in the reaction process and can be reused. And its dosage is very small, but how small is appropriate, still need to be determined by experiment according to different conditions. For example, in the production of poly (2,5-dibutyloxy-p-phenylacetylene), the yield of the product first increases and then decreases with the increase of the amount of active agent. This is because the active monomer formed in the aqueous phase is transferred to the organic phase by virtue of the action of PTC to participate in the polymerization. Therefore, the initial yield increases with the increase of PTC dosage When the amount of PTC exceeds a certain limit, the concentration of the system increases and is very viscous, which is not conducive to the monomer transfer reaction, resulting in the decrease of polymerization yield.
  • Alkyl polyglycosides are composed of two distinct components

    2020-12-18 16:28:25
    Asphalt emulsifier is a kind of surfactant. Emulsifier and detergent have the same adsorption, orientation, colloidal ion formation and reducing interfacial tension. However, as an emulsifier, it also needs film-forming property, especially for asphalt emulsifier, it needs appropriate carbon chain alkanes to better emulsify with asphalt. Fig. 2 shows the properties and characteristics of surfactant From the diagram, we can see the relationship between the basic properties of various surfactants including emulsifiers and their use up to now.
  • The toxicity and bactericidal power of anionic surfactants are between the two

    2020-12-16 16:27:11
    The metabolic process of fermentation material is a series of biochemical reactions. Due to the small size of bacteria, the rapid biocatalytic reaction, the difficulty of reaction tracking and the limitation of experimental equipment, the development of basic research on microbial material metabolism has been restricted to a great extent. It takes quite a long time to completely understand the material metabolism process of a strain For example, the research of glutamic acid fermentation
  • The epoxy resin cured by polyether amine has good electrical properties

    2020-12-14 09:00:49
    As the key raw material of spray polyurea elastomer, the elastomer made from amino terminated polyether has excellent tensile strength, elongation, wear resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and tear resistance. This component can make spray polyurea have excellent construction performance and environmental protection performance, so it is widely used in the protection of concrete, steel structure and other materials.
  • The synergistic effect of alkyl polyglycoside and other surfactants was obvious

    2020-12-11 16:33:47
    Alkyl glucoside is a new type of nonionic surfactant. Compared with other surfactants, it has the characteristics of stability, non toxicity, solubility, biodegradability and low irritation to skin. Advantages: high surface activity, high viscosity, rich foam, fine and stable. It has obvious synergistic effect with other surfactants, so it can be used as detergent, detergent, cosmetic surfactants, pharmaceutical additives and industrial emulsifiers.
  • Effect of nonionic surfactant on colloidal stability of water based ink

    2020-12-09 16:53:59
    The zeta potential curve showed that when aeo-7 concentration increased from 0 to 0.1 mol / L, zeta potential changed from - 37.9 MV to - 16.3 MV. Because the nonionic surfactant has no charge, its adsorption on the surface of carbon black particles will not cause the change of its charge, but the negative charge of carbon black particle surface decreases after adding aeo-7.
  • The surfactant molecule consists of two parts with different properties

    2020-12-07 11:18:32
    The coagulation effect of surfactant is related to the type and dosage of surfactant, the degree of water pollution, pH value and other factors. The dosage of surfactant is very important to the coagulation effect when other conditions are unchanged. The dispersion and condensation of solid particles in water are a pair of contradictions. For surfactants, due to the characteristics of their molecular structure, they have both dispersing and condensing effects. Generally speaking, when the density of solid particles in water is large, adding a small amount of surfactant can play a role of coagulation. If the solid particle density exceeds a certain amount, it can not agglomerate but disperse.
  • Surface modification of nano ZnO particles with surfactants

    2020-12-04 09:49:17
    It is also very important to select the appropriate amount of surfactant in the control of particle size, particle size distribution, particle shape and so on. Too much or too small amount of surfactant will affect the properties of nano ZnO to a certain extent.
  • According to the main performance of surfactant in building materials

    2020-12-02 16:16:55
    The application of surfactants in building materials, with the development of domestic construction industry, more and more chemical technology has been introduced into the production process of building materials, and surfactant has become one of the important chemical raw materials. According to the current research on the application and development of surfactants in the construction industry, we found that surfactants mainly play an important role in the application of magnesite building materials and water-based building coatings.
  • Principle of adding surfactant into aquaculture water

    2020-11-30 16:24:41
    The principle of surfactant oxygenation: adding surfactant to aquaculture water can increase the saturation solubility of oxygen in aquaculture water. According to hydrate formation theory and double membrane theory, because the solubility of oxygen in water is very small, water oxygenate usually forms at the gas-liquid interface, and then slowly diffuses from the gas phase to the liquid phase. In the water containing surfactant, due to the solubilization of surfactant, a large amount of oxygen is dissolved in the surfactant micelles formed in the aqueous solution. Thus, the formation of water oxygenates in the surfactant aqueous solution can occur not only at the gas-liquid interface, but also within the water body, which reduces the formation time of water oxygenates and improves the oxygen content in water Solubility in.   
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