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Comparison of alkyl glycosides with nonionic surfactants
2020-02-21 10:47:04

Compared with non-ionic surfactants, alkyl glycosides have the advantages of high critical micelle concentration, can be removed by dialysis, protein is not easy to denaturate, UV light penetration and so on. At the same time, APG can also be used to refine cytochrome c, RNA polymerase, rhodopsin, fatty acids, etc., to stabilize these proteins.

Alkyl glucoside

APG is nontoxic, small and safe for skin stimulation, and has significant thickening, tackifying and decontamination ability. Using APG instead of AES, Las, 6501, AEO, pingpingjia, K12, AOS to prepare meal lotion, bath solution, shampoo, hard surface cleaner, facial cleanser, washing powder, etc. has a significant effect. The detergent made of APG has good solubility, mildness and degreasing ability, little skin irritation, non-toxic and easy to rinse. Add APG to washing powder , instead of AEO and LAS, it can keep the original washing performance, and its softness, anti hard water resistance and washing performance for leather dirt are significantly improved. It also has softness, anti-static and shrinkage resistance. It can also improve the solid content and flow performance when batching. It can not only effectively save energy, but also improve the output per unit time and reduce costs.

In addition, it also has the characteristics of sterilization, sterilization, foaming and whitening. APG has stable performance in strong alkali, strong acid and high concentration electrolyte, little corrosiveness, and is easy to biodegrade without environmental pollution, so it can be used to prepare industrial cleaning agents, such as metal cleaning, industrial bottle washing and transport vehicle cleaning.

In the traditional tableware washing, LAS/AEO or AES are the main components, and more toxic solvents are added to improve solubility and mildness, resulting in poor defatting power. The LAS/APG mixture has excellent synergistic effect. The foam is better than the single component. It has good hard water resistance, mild skin, comfortable handle and easy rinse without leaving traces. APG can not only be used as an auxiliary surfactant, but also as a main surfactant in dishwashing detergent. In liquid detergent, APG instead of AES and Las can be used to clean all kinds of fabrics, effectively remove dirt and oil, and has the functions of softness, anti-static and anti shrinkage. It is still effective in hard water.

The detergent for toilet, which is mainly APG surfactant and compounded with anionic surfactant, such as sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (LAS), 6501, fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether (AEO-9) non-ionic surfactant, has remarkable decontamination effect and meets the requirements of environmental labeling product technology for detergent. APG can effectively protect the rubber and plastic parts of toilet when used as toilet cleaner.