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Comparisons of different surfactants
2019-08-13 15:37:59

Food emulsifier is a kind of food additive which can make the complementary and miscible liquid into uniform dispersed phase (emulsion). A small amount of food emulsifier can significantly reduce the interfacial tension between oil and water and produce emulsifying effect. Surfactants, known as "industrial monosodium glutamate", refer to substances with fixed hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, which can be aligned on the surface of the solution and can significantly reduce the surface tension. It is a large group of organic compounds. Their properties are very unique, and their applications are very flexible and extensive. They have great practical value and theoretical significance. A surfactant used in food emulsifiers.

surface active agent

What's the difference between emulsifier and surfactant? Brief introduction of Baibai safety net.

Surfactant is a substance containing hydrophilic and hydrophobic groups. Surfactants are substances with fixed hydrophilic and hydrophilic groups, which can be aligned on the surface of the solution and can significantly reduce the surface tension. Emulsifier is only a kind of surfactant, or can be said to be a performance, emulsifier can also be used as penetrating agent.

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Emulsifier is a kind of surfactant. Some functions of surfactant are to emulsify, and others. The main functions of surfactant are: decontamination, emulsification, solubilization, suspension aid, foaming and defoaming, sterilization, etc. There are many kinds of surfactants. According to their uses, there are emulsifiers, demulsifiers, etc. Antistatic agents include detergents, foam stabilizers, defoamers and dispersants. These uses can be distinguished by the size of HLB values. Surfactants have a wide range, including emulsifiers. The HLB value of surfactant ranges from 0 to 40, while emulsifier ranges from 2 to 15, 2-8 is water-in-oil emulsifier and 9-15 is oil-in-water emulsifier.

surface active agent

The difference between emulsifier and surfactant is briefly introduced. Is it harmful to eat emulsifier? From safety point of view, emulsifier has already been strictly evaluated by toxicological safety, and it is very safe. It is not only used in our country, but also widely used in the world. However, the use of emulsifiers should also be appropriate, not too much use, excessive use of emulsifiers will also endanger the intestinal function, so we should know more about food safety knowledge, in doubt, must also be timely to the relevant departments to do food safety detector testing.