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Why should polyether amine be used as raw material for epoxy flooring
2019-08-12 15:41:09

More and more users are beginning to use polyether amine as raw material, not only because of its performance advantages, but also because it can really fit the application of products, thus achieving a kind of icing on the cake effect. I have to say, its benefits are really too many and too many. Next, let's briefly analyze it. Why should epoxy flooring be used as its raw material? Let's learn from Xiaobian.


Floor materials with this function are very sophisticated. First of all, many main materials with solvent-free and high resin content are quoted, together with curing agents with transparent, colorless, low viscosity and non-volatile gases. Moreover, the flexible function of curing agents is needed to slow down the strong internal stress of high solid content main materials and defeat the brittle structure caused by them. The cracking pattern of the glass pattern makes the floor fully reflect the high-density waterproof and anti-corrosion characteristics of pure epoxy resin, and ensures moderate flexibility and hardness. It is not easy to crack and scratch. Because of the concept of new floor plan and the needs of owners for functions, polyether amine, alicyclic amine or alicyclic amine modified polyether amine are generally used in epoxy floor in the world, but the proportion of its selection is increasing.


Polyether amine is transparent and colourless with low viscosity. Transparent and colorless: It is not easy to discolor, which meets the need of glorious and beautiful polymer floors. Low Viscosity: Whether the coating and film are very thin, suitable for solvent-free, high sand content of the floor, the mortar ratio of the sand-pressing floor can reach 1:15, but also can make the sand layer very full and seamless.


Polyether amine is moderately rigid and flexible. Choosing polyether amine as curing agent or other curing agent modified by polyether amine is effective in eliminating the internal stress of floor coating and maintaining its adhesion. Previously, we mistakenly believed that the harder the surface of epoxy flooring, the better. For this reason, we paid for the value of cracking, delamination and simple scratches. When we chose it to adjust the hardness and elasticity of justice, we found that all the above shortcomings were handled or slowed down.

Polyether amine curing operation time is long, easy to construct, colorless, odorless, environmentally friendly, easy to operate, with its modification of alicyclic amine, aliphatic amine, polyamide can get excellent results.

The quotation is moderate, the cost of similar products is moderate, and the temperament ratio is better.