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Sophorae polysaccharide lipid biosurfactant has peculiar affinity to skin
2019-12-25 16:09:08

The trend of surfactant's steady growth in the world provides a good external environment for the development and expansion of cosmetics industry, and the requirements for product structure, variety, performance and technology are also higher and higher. Therefore, it is necessary to systematically develop safe, mild, biodegradable and special surfactants to provide theoretical basis for the development and application of new products. To focus on the development of glycoside surfactants, we can develop a variety of polyols and alcohol surfactants; systematically research and develop soybean phospholipid surfactants; develop a series of products of sucrose fatty acid vinegar, strengthen the research of compounding technology, and expand the application range of existing products.

surface active agent

As a cosmetic, it should not only have the cosmetic effect, but also have a comfortable and soft feeling, which can not be separated from the wetting effect of surfactant. In this respect, biosurfactants have achieved remarkable results. Phospholipid, as the main component of biological cells, plays an important role in cell metabolism and cell membrane permeability regulation. It has good moisturizing and permeability for human skin. Sophorae sugar lipid biosurfactant has peculiar affinity to skin, but skin has soft and moist skin feeling. A kind of

The corresponding biochemical active substances and vitamin derivatives, enzyme preparations, cell growth factors (EGF, DFGF), collagen, elastin, ceramide and hyaluronic acid are prepared by biochemical synthesis and other methods. These substances can penetrate into the skin, participate in the metabolism of skin cells, change the skin tissue structure, etc., so as to achieve anti wrinkle, anti-aging and Whitening effect. A kind of

Emulsification is the phenomenon that non water soluble substances are uniformly emulsified in water to form emulsion. Emulsifiers are mainly used in cosmetics to produce paste and emulsion. Common powdery and ZTE cream are o / W type emulsions, which can be emulsified with anionic emulsifier fatty acid soap (soap). It is easy to make emulsions with less oil content by soap emulsification, and the gelling effect of soap can make them have greater viscosity. For the cold cream containing a large amount of oil phase, the emulsion is mostly w / O type, and natural lanolin emulsion with large water absorption and viscosity can be selected. At present, the most widely used non-ionic emulsifier is due to its low safety and stimulation.