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    Alkyl polyglucoside / APG CAS NO.110615-47-9 for Furniture Cleaner

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Alkyl polyglucoside / APG CAS NO.110615-47-9 for Furniture Cleaner

APGCH-1214 Series Quality Index      

Alkyl polyglucoside / APG CAS NO.110615-47-9 for Furniture Cleaner

Alkyl polyglucoside / APG CAS NO.110615-47-9 Instruction

When APGCH-1214 is mixed with anionic surfactant in dish washing detergent,the dish washing detergent have better property of oil remove,good foam,especially the excellent compatibility of skin,there is not any harm to skin,moreover,it’s green and environmental.Due to APGCH-1214’s high alkaline resistance,it could be used in special detergent,furniture cleaning,cleaning industry as hard surface cleaning,textile industry as refining agent to resist high temperature.

Because the material of wooden furniture has the ability to absorb water, the common water wiping will cause the wood to swell, deform, and even mold, which not only affects the appearance but also affects the use. The cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent are corrosive, and the furniture often comes into contact with these acid and alkaline detergents, and the paint surface becomes dull.

It is even more undesirable to use a cleaning agent to clean the water and then wash it. Minutes is the rhythm of the furniture's "destroyed". Especially the more expensive furniture. When the wrong cleaning agent is used, the furniture is broken. So don't think that it is omnipotent to decontaminate. The cleaning of furniture must use professional detergent.

Alkyl polyglucoside / APG CAS NO.110615-47-9 for Furniture Cleaner

The property of Alkyl Polyglucoside(APG)

Alkyl polyglucoside / APG CAS NO.110615-47-9 is a nonionic surfactant made by one step technology, its raw material is renewable plant: natural fatty alcohol and glucose.Alkyl Polylgucoside (APG) is with low surface tension, good solubility,strong detergency, and high concentration of electrolyte, strong alkali resistance, good thickening effect,good compatibility, it can improve the effect when compound with other nonionic or ionic surfactants, moreover,it can improve performance significantly. When use it, products could with good and abundant foam, stable,exquisite,nontoxic, seldom stimulating, good compatible with skin, readily biodegradable.

Alkyl polyglucoside (APG) stored with long time in room temperature, there will be a samll amount of solid precipitation or appearance of turbidity, it caused by magnesium, but this turbidity has no negative effect, as adjust the pH value to below 9, the cloudy would be disappeared.

Note: the solid content and pH value could be adjusted as client requirement.

The property of Alkyl Polyglucoside

Alkyl Polyglucoside Application Field

Alkyl Polyglucoside series (PC&HC grade) are good with biological compatibility, it could be largely used in Personal Care and Home Care, like shampoo, cleansing cream, hand sanitizer, laundry detergent, body lotion,children bubble water, dish washing, kitchen cleaning agent, floor cleaning, toilet cleaner and so on. Alkyl polyglucoside also can be applied to glyphosate pesticide adjuvant, foaming agent for oil extract.Alkyl Polyglucoside (low foam/no foam) belongs to low carbon alcohol, good solubility and compatibility,the most important point is that the low/no foam APG could dissolve other insoluble matter, so it could be largely applied to high alkali system as surfactants, like hard surface cleaning industry, textile auxiliary, high temperature and alkali refining agent, steel plate cleaning agent, beer bottle cleaning agent.

Alkyl Polyglucoside Application Field